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Green Job Resources

In addition to Great Green Careers, here are some other resources you'll find useful for your job search.

♦ Green-specific resource sites:

Green careers and degrees: More than a dozen professionals contributed to the new guide, including seven PhD holders on the forefront of green research and with keen insight into the green career marketplace. 

Environmental consulting career tips: Advice from current environmental consultants on how to get into the field, typical responsibilities, and so on.

Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2): A national community of business leaders that promote sound environmental policy.

CleanEdison: Offers clean-tech training and national certification programs for professional development in solar, energy auditing and sustainable design.  

Veterans Green Jobs: provides green jobs education and career development opportunities for military veterans.

AutoBlogGreen: blogging about green transporation; good place to locate employers

Treehugger: all-in-one site about all things green

Landing a Green Job: from the American Solar Energy Association

GreenJobsReady: News on Green Jobs Training programs in the Renewable Energy world. This informative portal offers news, views and resources on Wind and Solar Certifications, Schools, and degrees.

Roofing Blog: Showcases green roof projects, teaches DIY roofing techniques, and roof repair for homeowners.

Useful articles from Mother Earth News:

Landing a Job in Renewable Energy: How to get started in your quest for a renewable energy job.

More Jobs in the Wind Power Industry: The U.S. wind power industry directly employs about 85,000 people today, which is a 70 percent increase from a year ago.

Renewable Electricity Standard Would Create Nearly 300,000 Green Jobs : The House and Senate will move soon on legislation that would require 25 percent of utility companies' electricity to come from renewable sources by 2025.

Train Now for Tomorrow's Green Jobs: If you're interested in a green career, here's some helpful advice.

37 Million Green Jobs Are Possible: ASES released a report that says 37 million green jobs are possible by 2030.

Training Workshops for Solar Installers and other Energy Professionals: Are you looking for professional training as a solar installer or retailer? Check out this list of workshops available at the American Solar Energy Society's 2009 Conference.

Lots of Green in the Stimulus Package: Yep, some of the money in that stimulus bill is committed to green initiatives, including creating green jobs.

More training resources for the Green Jobs of the Future: The new economy promises an abundance of green jobs. Are you ready?

 ♦ General career resource sites: Careers: Good general purpose site with lots of career advice and newsletters

Helmets to Hardhats: training and career resources for military personnel transitioning to the construction industry Thorough and extensive collection of articles, links, and resources for the job seeker.

Pathfinders: career guidance; helps people of all ages and professions figure out what they're best at doing. They use aptitude testing tools and career-decision techniques to advise people on how to design a career path that fits their inborn aptitudes, natural abilities, and personality traits.

The Riley Guide: comprehensive guide to employment resources on the internet




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